NPC Masters Nationals 2006,
Pittsburgh, Page 1

The prejudging for the masters men occurred on Friday, July 21st, in the Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square ballroom, starting at 6:15 p.m. (a quarter hour late) and ending at 9:25 p.m.  The evening show (for all events in the Teen, Collegiate, and Masters Nationals) started on time on Saturday, July 22nd, at 6:00 p.m., with the masters men coming on at 10:45 p.m., and lasting till 1:15 a.m. (the evening show went over seven hours). 

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R. D. Noren II (over-40 bantamweight, 1st place) Wayne Hugar (over-40 bantamweight, 2nd place) Mark Teasley (over-40 bantamweights, 3rd place) Barry Morris (over-40 bantamweights, 4th place)


Bantamweights: 4 total

R. D. Noren II  Thick for his size, with a great side chest, very solid, a complete physique and a superb poser.  Easily won this class for the second year running.  One of the best at this year's show, holding his own in the final posedown. 

Wayne Hugar  Solid build, strong in abs and arms.  Poses well.  2nd place. 

Mark Teasley  Tight build and a good back.  3rd place.

Barry Morris  Tight build, with good quads, abs, nice lines, Christmas tree lower back.  Can pose well, doing a moonwalk and several crab shots.  I had him higher.  4th place. 


Over-40 Bantamweights, finals (from left: Hugar, Morris, Noren, Teasley)


Kelly Pettiford (over-40 lightweights,
1st place)
James Hemminger (over-40 lightweights, 2nd place)
he crossed from the 50s
Roland Allen (over-40
lightweights, 3rd place)


Lightweights: 3 total

Kelly Pettiford  Tight and thick for his size, strong in the arms (especially triceps) and legs.  Can pose too.  1st place.

James Hemminger  Crossed from the over-50s.  Tight and solid, with good arms and pec striations.  Poses well, with a pleasant look.  Has not missed this show from 1996 to the present.  2nd place.

Roland Allen  Has pecs.  3rd place. 

Over-40 lightweights, final lineup (from left: Hemminger, Allen, Pettiford)


Randy Leppala (over-40
welterweight, 1st place) he
crossed from the 50s.
Steven Scutti (over-40 welterweight, 2nd place)
  Ralph Gaxiola (over-40
welterweight, 3rd place)
Derrick Mackie (over-40 welterweight, 4th place)   Eddie Chewning (over-40 welterweight, 5th place)


Thomas Walker (over-40
welterweight, 6th place)
  Brian Thompson (over-40 welterweight, 7th place)


Welterweights: 7 total (new class, from 154 1/4 to 165 1/4 lbs.) 

Randy Leppala  Crossed from the over-50s.  Very tight, thick build, with great lines.  Strong arms, abs, V back.  The closest anyone had to Lance Johnson's look this year.  His posing is like an artist at work.  1st place.

Steven Scutti  Has thickness, especially from the back, with pec striations, strong shoulders, great hamstrings, Christmas tree lower back.  Poses well.  2nd place.

Ralph Gaxiola  Thick build, great legs, biceps, V back.  Moves well in the compulsories, but his evening routine needs to improve (he did an "introduction" to each pose that no one in the audience needed).  Good tan.  3rd place.

Derrick Mackie  Solid build, nice arms, with a good side chest pose.  Looked a little scary, with a mean expression at the prejudging, but managed a smile in the finals.  4th place

Eddie Chewning  Has abs and legs, with a strong crab pose.  Started both prejudging and finals routine with "The Thinker" pose (after the Rodin sculpture).  Won a tiebreaker with the next competitor.  5th place

Thomas Walker  He's all upper body, with good abs, arms, and Christmas tree lower back.  6th place

Brian Thompson  Compact, tight build.  Can pose, with a nice back lat spread.  7th place

Over-40 Welterweights Overall Finals top five (from left: Chewning, Gaxiola, Leppala, Scutti, Mackie)


Carl Washington (over-40 middleweight, 1st place)


Hans VanderGronden (over-40 middleweight, 2nd place)   Michael Broadway (over-40
middleweight, 3rd place
  William Quick (over-40 middleweight,
4th place)


Steve McNamara (over-40 middleweight,
5th place)
  Tres Bennett (over-40 middleweight,
6th place)
  Terry Walker (over-40
middleweight, 7th place)


Kent Bierly (over-40 middleweight, 8th place) Elias Raymundo (over-40 middleweight, 9th place) Skip Chitwood (over-40 middleweight, 10th place) Albert Smock (over-40 middleweight, 11th place)


Stevie Rivera (over-40 middleweights, 12th
  Randy Snodgrass (over-40
middleweights, 13th place, and
7th place, over-50 middleweight)
  David Duncan (over-40 middleweight, 14th place)


Middleweights: 14 total

Carl Washington  A top competitor from Washington state.  Very thick, with a V back, great arms, a complete build and a superb poser.  Just excellent.  1st place

Hans VanderGronden  A great bodybuilder, top ten in the middles at the 1999 Nationals.  Thick and tight, with a fantastic back ( with Christmas tree).  Legs cost him here.  Strong poser, with a slightly crazy look (like he's about to go postal).  2nd place 

Michael Broadway  A seasoned competitor, going back to 1988 in national shows, and 7th middle at the '02 Nationals.  Thick build with a tight waist, strong arms, back, excellent legs, a great poser.  The real thing.  3rd place

William Quick  Has a strong upper body, with a nice back (and Christmas tree) and good overall look.  Posing and legs could both sharpen.  4th place 

Steve McNamara  Nice look and has a pleasant demeanor.  V back with a Christmas tree, wide shoulders, solid arms.  Needed to come in drier.  5th place (by a single point)

Tres Bennett Took 3rd middle last year at this show.  Has thickness, nice abs and back.  Good look, but posing could sharpen.  6th place

Terry Walker  Has a tight build.  Hisses as he poses, as if he needs sound effects.  7th place

Kent Bierly  He crossed over from tested organizations for this show.  Tight and solid, with excellent arms (especially triceps), abs and legs, terrific back.  I had him higher.  8th place

Elias Raymundo  He's done this show from 2002 to now, and was in the top five middles in '04 and '05.  An off year for him.  Had a nice crab and overall look.  9th place

Skip Chitwood  Has a nice look, good arms, and poses well.  Needs legs.  10th place

Albert Smock  Has nice abs and arms, does the crab pose well.  Took 4th place in this class in '04.  11th place

Stevie Rivera  Has a V back and tight waist, with defined pecs.  12th place

Randy Snodgrass  Crossed from the over-50s.  Has solid pecs and striated quads, with a hypnotic expression.  13th place

David Duncan  Tight, compact build.  14th place

Over-40 middleweight lineup, from prejudging (from left: Broadway, McNamara, Duncan)

Mike Emery

July 2006


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