Vince Taylor

Vince Taylor’s competitive experience (all wins up to 2001):

NPC 1988 Nationals (IFBB pro qualification)
IFBB 1989 Night of Champions
IFBB 1991 Pittsburgh Pro
IFBB 1991 Swiss, Spanish, Italian Finnish, & Denmark Grand Prix
IFBB 1992 Pittsburgh Pro, Ironman Pro, Arnold Classic
IFBB 1993 San Jose Pro
IFBB 1994 Ironman Pro
IFBB 1995 Niagara Falls Pro0p
IFBB 1995 Ukrainian, French, & English Grand Prix
IFBB 1996 Masters Olympia
IFBB 1997 Masters Olympia
IFBB 1998 Masters Arnold
IFBB 1999 Masters Olympia
IFBB 2000 Masters Olympia
IFBB 2001 Masters Olympia
IFBB 2002 Masters Olympia (2nd place)
IFBB 2006 Australian Grand Prix (3rd place; Mr. Olympia qualification)